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Polo in times of Covid-19

By Sophie Kyriazi


The 22-goal was won by a 24 and a 23-goal team respectively, so handicapping for 2021 is probably going to be worthy of its own soap opera🍿💭

- You may ride off "shoulder to shoulder" (or otherwise) for 6 chukkas, but when you finish the game you may not shake gloved hands. 🆗️

- If you go to an extra chukka, the virus will get bored and go away. So, you are allowed have a line out. 👋

- After your extra chukka win, you can go to the pub to celebrate next to people you don't know. But you cannot go to the clubhouse to celebrate next to people you do. 🍻🥂

- You can also go to the cinema, a museum or sit on a train, but you cannot watch polo in the open air. The virus must like polo as much as we do 🤷‍♀️🧫

- There will be so many settled and pre-settled EU players in 2021 that the HPA will finally have to take responsibility for making the rules that screw them over 🤡

- Rules only exist if the HPA feels like enforcing them 😷. May the odds be ever in your favour 🎲🃏

- The number of essential people at the finals of the Queens Cup made me extremely proud of the resourcefulness of the polo community 💫💫💫

- The winter season looks promising this year. The season that almost never started might turn into the season that never ends 🌱🍂❄


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