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POLO in times of COVID-19

- Even if you are married/related/same household you may not post photos anywhere that show you not socially distancing. Except on the front cover of the Polo Times. That, for some reason, is ok.... 📸😷

- The actual definition of "essential" is, by definition, essential. 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️

- The difference in the quality of fields between the clubs that had faith in the polo season, and the ones that didn't is frighteningly immense. 🚜💰

- Horse limits aren't in the 2020 blue book, which means someone made them up to protect us all from Covid-19. The virus will get you if you take too many horses to polo 📘🏇

- Contrary to those insisting horse limits are "in line" with Argentina, there is actually no rule in Argentina that a player can take 13.33333 horses to the field. That would be stupid. 🏇⛔

- The virus is scared by loud noises, which is why continuing play to the second bell is also a Covid-19 related rule. 📢🔔

- Players that didn't make it this year can apply to keep their handicap next year, by declaring their age, recent handicap, and any held overseas.

This is a flowery description of a CV form with extra age-related powers 📝🌸

- According to the rules, it could be argued that it is more strategically sensible to get 5 yellow flags than it is to stop being a brat after you receive 3. 🟡🟡🟡🟡🟡

- "Nominated substitutes may be used to hold spares in the 22-goal"

Well yes, obviously; but wouldn’t we all pay good money to see that, if spectators were allowed. 🦄

- There are now more HPA emails about EU passport holders needing visas for 2021, than about Covid-19. 🧫💊

Except the government are still pretty sure about it being from July 1st not January 1st.... 🤫

Sophie Kyriazi


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