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Hazel and Rebecca won a very prestigious tournament

Women's polo has many tournaments in the world nowadays, including in Argentina. However, many years ago, when the women played much less polo, there was a tournament in Argentina that every lady player wanted to win: the Myriam Heguy Cup.

This year, the tournament's podium had strong English presence: El Overo UAE defeated La Aguada Naranja Mecanica in the final, taking the title. The winner had Hazel Jackson and Rebecca Walters, joined by Hana Grill and Cuyen Glenny, while their opponent had Luisa del Carril, Clara Heguy, Mía Novillo Astrada and Candelaria Fernández Araujo.

5 teams of 16-18 goals of FEM handicap participated in the Myriam Heguy Cup, played in the Argentine Association of Polo's venue in Pilar, 50 kilometres away from Buenos Aires.

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