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Polo in India!

The Northern India Polo Championship is the tournament with the highest handicap in Jaipur, India, at 16 goals. The final was played at the Rajasthan Polo Club last Sunday, February 18th, between Sona/Jindal (Sunjay Kapoor, Gaurav Sehgal, Abhimanyu Pathak and Simran Shergill) and La Pegasus (Pranav Kapoor, Salim Azmi, Syed Shamsheer Ali and Dhruv Pal Godera).

Sona Jindal started with a one goal advantage because of their lower handicap, and managed to increase their lead to three goals at the end of the first chukker. However, the team of the patrons Sanjay Jindal and Riyhad Kundanmal managed to equalize at half-time. The last three chukkers were controlled by Pegasus, thanks to Salim Azmi's effort and Syed Shamsheer Ali and Dhruv Pal Godera's great performances, slowly making a difference and managing to be 9-7 when the bell marked the end of the match. After they won, the yellows broke out in cheers, as it was their first tournament at this level.

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