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Marathon Man

Ricky cooper is one of the most fun people in English polo. He has been the captain of the Centtrip Wales Polo Team since it was founded in 2008, having HRH Prince Charles as patron. The Dragon's team has worn their red shirts in international matches both in grass polo and on snow, as well as on sand in arena and beach polo.

Cooper has also made great use of his personality and popularity for charity, participating in events and campaigns hosted by organizations like Sentebale, Help for Heroes, Noah’s Ark, Whizz Kidz, and Prostate Cancer UK.

Even though Ricky is currently more known as a polo player and patron, he has also represented the English Inline Hockey team as the goalkeeper in the World Cup. Now, he has found yet a new and very challenging way to help. “I link the polo to running marathons to raise money to give back, as I am able to help. This will raise exposure for polo as a sport that cares and wants to help rather than an elitist sport for the rich. I will run the World Marathon Challenge in January 2020.”

Cooper's ultimate goal is to participate in the World Marathon Challenge next year, an event of 7 Olympic distance marathons (26,190 miles), run on 7 different continents, in 7 days, all in support of Prince Harry's charity, Sentebale.

To start gaining expertise and getting used to one of the biggest challenges (running in the Antarctic), Ricky has taken part in the London Winter Run, a 10 kilometer competition ran across the snow of the British capital’s streets. He finished in 49 minutes and 50 seconds, finishing 2832nd out of over 23,000 runners. “This year I am running every day to get ready. I did London, and then Brighton, Edinburgh, and the Loch Ness Marathon this year, plus some half’s and fun events," he said

-What's your plan of action?

“I work with Marloe Watch Company, a young English Made Swiss engineered watch company who seek brand awareness and love the link between polo, family man, business man, charity and fashion that I have, coupled with being brave enough to tell a story on social media.”

-What is the goal of the Centtrip Wales Polo Team?

“Centtrip Wales Polo Team will continue to seek games linked to charities or bringing the game to new audiences. We will play for Prostate Cancer UK (, Whizz Kidz (, and the likes. I love helping people playing sports. We can give back via charity and take the game in its many forms to the cities and people who have not seen the game before. A new audience for a new era.”

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